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Go from wannabe to author in just 10 days!

Guaranteed Rough Draft In 10 Days

What’s Inside

  • 10 daily modules consisting of:

    • A coaching video – My pretty face telling you what to expect each day.
    • A checklist – To ensure you complete all coursework.
    • A study guide – Learning central!
    • My rough draft – A real life example of what it’s like to use this course.
    • My video journal – Me chronicling my experience as I completed this course.
    • Supporting content – I include any articles or videos that I feel will help you understand each days module a little better.
  • Access to a members only Facebook group:

    • This is your access point to not only me, but people just like you who are writing or have already written their first draft in 10 days. I am very active in the group and you can expect me to answer your questions and concerns.
  • Bonuses:

    • Will anyone want to read my book? I’ll answer that!
    • The Definitive Guide to Crushing Writer’s Block. Every. Single. Time. (Boom)

Hi, I’m Blake! (And that’s my daughter Bailey!)

Once upon a time I wanted to write a book. I tried to follow a 90-day book course, but I never finished. I realized 90 days was too long. I decided to shorten that to 10 days. I didn’t know if it was possible, but I tried anyways. Not only is it possible, it’s exciting and super enjoyable!

Now I’ve taken what I have learned from that experience and put it into this course that will guide you through the writing process.

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Go from wannabe to author in just 10 days!


How long will my book be in 10 Days? I want to be real with you. This course is not some magic pill or secret that will let you accomplish a perfect book of any length in 10 days. What you can expect to get is however much you put in. I would say that 50,000 words is about the max that I would expect from this course. This will be a condensed rough draft of your book. This is not about giving you the perfect book in 10 days. This is about getting you to the finish line, which is paramount.

What if this isn’t my first book? That is totally fine, this will work for your first or 100th book.

What if I’ve already started my book? No problem! This will help you finish your rough draft. The course material however is directed at people writing a book from start to finish. You will have to of course apply them to your own situation.

What if I’m completely clueless on where to start? Don’t worry, this course starts from square one.

Will this course work for both fiction and non-fiction? I created this course for fiction authors. I have had people write non-fiction books with this course, but you do have to make some allowances.

What if I have trouble keeping up with the coursework? This isn’t for the faint of heart, this course will take hard work. You can expect to spend 1-2 hours per day writing. I include all my tips and tricks to help you along the way.

What is the return policy? Forever. Try it for years and if you still want to return it please do!


If you have more concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask. You can email me at jameson@beyourownbook.com


Go from wannabe to author in just 10 days!


$29. Simple, no recurring payments, no hidden costs no add-ons. Just $29 for access to your book.

I picked this price point intentionally. It is about the cost of one book. You are basically buying your own book. If you saw your book on a shelf at a book store wouldn’t you buy it without a second thought? Me too especially if I could return whenever I wanted!

100% Money Back Guarantee FOREVER

Another simple policy. If for whatever reason you don’t want to keep this course you can return it for 100% of your money. Boom, stress free. I want you to be happy with your purchase and if you aren’t happy no matter how long after the fact, just return it. Forever is a long time to decide!


Go from wannabe to author in just 10 days!

See What Others Are Saying About Be Your Own Book

Excellent!! Don’t hesitate to try this out. You’ll have a book written in no time!

Chandi Agee

Founder/CEO, Expression Fiber Arts

The direction that BYOB is going is inspiring to me as a amateur author. Keep up the good work Blake!

Rob Schreckhise

Founder/CEO, Mountain Eight

Organized, professional, humorous, and fun! I’ve really enjoyed writing my book so far and overcoming obstacles with Blake’s help. This is a good resource for new authors wanting to finally finish that book in their head!

Elizabeth Middleton

Student, Arkansas Tech University

Blake’s 10 day book course is worth every penny! Very thorough, authentic and detailed! If you have a book lurking inside you this is the only way to draw it out(pun intended);)

Robi Schreckhise

Welder Foreman, Local 375

The program he has designed made a dream of writing my own book a reality!! Jump starts you into your future to be that writer you always wished to become. It’s been a fun journey and can’t wait to learn more from Blake. Keep up the creativity and helping others find theirs as well!

Kami Escobar

Founder/CEO, Big Red Curly Hair

I’ve seen first hand how much passion, love, time, effort, and care he’s put into the courses and it absolutely amazes me! He is genuinely SO EXCITED to help people write their books! His energy is contagious and he’s even encouraged me to write the book I’ve been dreaming about using his 10 Day Book Course. I’ll admit, it’s been a challenge, but one undoubtably worth doing! His lesson plans have helped me realize that I truly can be an author, even though I’m a total beginner at square one. I definitely recommend anyone considering writing a book check BYOB out!

Shelby Schreckhise

Stay at Home Mom