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Hey! I’m Blake (And That’s the Rest of my Family).

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and book fanatic dedicated to helping you unleash your inner author.


As we have already covered my name is Blake Schreckhise and I am the founder of Be Your Own Book (BYOB). My relationship with BYOB has been an interesting one. I first it started it in 2012 and really had no idea what to do with it. I knew that I loved books and wanted to be a writer. I dabbled in making a community and such, but nothing really stuck. After a couple months or so, I put BYOB to the side and life took over.


Well in May of 2016 I realized “Hey, I still love books and writing, and BYOB was a great place to express that love.” This is when the fun begins!

I still hadn’t finished a rough draft of my first book. I would get pretty far in and then just lose the drive. The main reason was that I felt no one would want to read this book anyways so I would just stop writing it. After this happening a couple times I looked to myself and said, “You need to figure out something that will work for you.” This is where the idea for a 10 day book began.

10 Day Book

I know that my discipline was not enough to take me through a huge long writing process, so I need to shorten it up. Boom! I sat down and started making a schedule to finish a rough draft in 10 days. Needless to say it worked. I loved it so much I knew that others could use it to and this is where BYOB stands today.

We are a place for first time authors to get started writing their books. More importantly BYOB is a community of like minded individuals that can support and help each other in this huge audacious goal of writing a book!

Oh, and if writing a book in ten days sounds like fun to you here is a little more info. Just click the button below.

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