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Today – Part II

Kael was taken back from his thoughts of their first encounter and back to the hotel room where Willow, his wife, stood framed by the bathroom door. Kael was sitting on the bed and just prior to seeing here, his foot had been bouncing in anticipation. The sight of her had such a powerful effect he was just now recovering. Whether he had stared at her for 10 seconds or hours he couldn’t tell you. He was beyond caring at this point.

He was shaken clean of his reverie by one simple thing. A simple thing that he would give anything to see again, and again, and again. This would never get old. Willow’s smile was perfect in every way.

She grinned now so big that her bottom her gums showed a little above her teeth. Her eyes squinted just a little and even if he couldn’t see her mouth Kael knew that just her eyes would have told him she was smiling.

Kael had grown accustomed to moving slow, he had become an old man without even realizing it. As he jumped up to rush to her though he was the young boy that had first glimpsed this perfection of a woman. His back no longer stooped and his knees no longer pained him. Well there may still be pain but Kael was as likely to notice that as what color the walls were in the hotel. They were biege, just like everything else in the world right now. Except Willow she was a vibrant hue of life itself glowing amidst the beige world Kael had become so used to.

Kael rushed forward and Willow’s smile impossible grew bigger. He slowed only so he wouldn’t knock her over. He wrapped one arm around her waist and the other came to support her neck at the base of her head. He swung her backwards and dipped her like a ballroom dancer. A laugh escaped her but just a short one because in the next instant Kael’s lips were upon hers.

There was something about kissing someone you knew so well. The thought didn’t pass through Kael’s mind wondering if she would like this kiss, he could tell it was the thing she wanted most just as he wanted it more than anything. It was as if he was wrapped in a blanket as he closed his eyes and let the sensation overtake him. Kael can remember a time, that each kiss was not a given…

Kael sat nervously at the Thai restaurant with his leg bouncing and making the table shake just a hair. It was his first date with what he had coined as his forever. He knew that maybe he was over romanticizing the whole thing, but why not? As long as he didn’t share his thoughts with Willow, it should do no harm.

Kael was not like other men his age, or for that matter when he was growing up he was always a little different in one respect. Ever skin about eighth grade when girls actually became interesting to him, he was looking for his forever. At that young age he may not have been able to put it into words, but that’s what it was. This left him without ever really dating, or having a “girlfriend”. He had opportunity, but knew that each girl he met was not the one he would want to spend his life with. To invest the emotional energy in a relationship that he knew would go nowhere was just not worth it to Kael.

Once, early in his senior year he caved to pressures of his own mind and got himself a girlfriend. The girl was nice, funny, and all around a good choice for him. He knew from the moment they started dating he would have to break it off with her eventually. He tried to ignore it and just enjoy the time the had. He was successful for about a week then it dragged on for another three or four weeks before he could no longer take it. It broke his heart to hurt someone else like that, when she asked why he was leaving all he could think to say is that she wasn’t the one.

Kael was sure it sounded ridiculous at that young age to be worried about if she was the forever he was looking for, but he couldn’t help it.

In that time when you crawl into bed, but just before you fall asleep, that’s when you are the most honest with yourself. Kael would dream of finding the girl of his dream that he could spend a forever with, each day without her was a search. It was looking at each and every eligible woman he met with scrutinizing eyes. Judging their character, and imagining a life with her. This put a lot of wonder in Kael’s mind about Willow.

Was she the one he had originally thought or had he just let his mind take him into a fantasy world because he wanted her to be the one. Only one way to find out he thought to himself and just then she walked in the door.

She flitted in the door.

She tripped into the room

She was in the room and Kael thought no more about if she was the one. He thought only of her as she looked around the little Thai house looking for him. Their eyes met and Kael broke free from his staring thought in just the nick of time to wave his hand for her to come over. He quickly slid his way out of the booth that he had picked. He picked a booth very purposefully, because whenever he went to a restaurant and they gave him choice he felt that people where insane to ever pick a table. It seemed ridiculous that he would worry about that, but being the second time ever in his life to court a girl, he was inexperienced, and nervous.

He walked over to meet her and that’s when he regretted not having any experience. Should he shake her hand, hug her, do nothing. Willow picked up the slack. She put her arms forward in the motion of a hug and luckily Kael picked up the cue quickly enough to make his reciprocation seem natural.

“I’m a hugger, I hope you don’t mind!” She said as the separated. Her smile dazzled Kael.

“Not at all.” was all he could think to say, and really just glad that he said something. “We’re right here.” He pointed back to the booth he had just exited.

“Oh good a booth, I never understood people who choose a table.” Willow exclaimed.

“Agreed” was all Kael could get out but his mind was a whirr. How could he have doubted that she was his forever. She likes booths just the same as he. Literally from this point on nothing could go wrong. And nothing did. They talked, mostly about things that didn’t matter. Work, school, activities. The more they talked though the more convinced Kael was that she was the one. He had an odd sense of humor. He found many times when he would say a joke no one would know that it was humorous and just think Kael a little odd. He would slip in jokes into the conversation that would be overlooked by the masses, but her eyes would meet his in understanding and and a smile or short laugh would escape her lips.

The food was unimportant. Was it good? It was the best Kael had ever had. What had he ordered? It could’ve been a raw potato for all he cared it was still the best he ever had.

Soon they were done eating, but Kael in no way wanted this date to end.

“Hey do you want to go see a matinee or something.” Kael asks hopefully.

“I would love to except I have college classes starting in about 20 mins.” Willow replied.

Kael’s heart sunk but he didn’t let it show. “Oh okay I’ll see you around then.”

“I had a great time” she said and turned to leave.

“Me too.” he replied back without really think about it. His sinking heart from just a minute ago was back on the rise. She had a great time, he thought to himself. That is a good sign. The rest of his day was spent visualizing how their date had went. What he should’ve said and how he couldn’t acted even better. He also visualized their next date and the next time they hang out together.

Then the worry came to him. How long should he wait before contacting her for another date. He had heard so many things and seen so much on TV. Sadly he didn’t have that quirky friend that was a lady’s man like you see on all the sitcoms. In fact he had no one that he told all of his emotions and thoughts to. He figured It was thursday, he would give it until the weekend to try again. The next couple days was torture. He went to work, and did his normal things but always in the back of his mind was Willow. He was excited about saturday.

Come saturday morning that excitement turned into anxiety as it so often did for Kael. It was as if until the event got close nothing could go wrong and then when he realized that this was actually going to happen all of his worries and doubts crash in on him.

The phone was ringing and Kael wished for everything that she would just not pick up and it would go to her voice message. Kael didn’t get his wish.

“Hello,” came a light voice.

“Hey” was all Kael could think to say. Usually he would rehearse what he was going to say when he called people but he had just totally beefed it in the planning stage. He was more concerned about if she would pick up at all.

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