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Today – Part III – Rough Draft

“Hello,” She said once again with a little turn up at the end of the word that made it sound like a question.

“Oh uh, yeah hey this is Kael.” he blundered

“Hey Kael what’s up?” She seemed to be at her ease. Kael wished he could act as cool as she sounded.

“Well, I was just wondering if you would like to, and if you’re busy with school and stuff it’s totally fine, just wanted to know if you would like to go to the movies with me?”

“That sounds great to me! What’s playing?”

What’s playing?! He thought urgently to himself. Man I really didn’t plan this call very well. Thinking quickly he responded, “It’s a surprise!”

“Ooh I like surprises! Will it be a surprise when you will pick me up or should a plan for a time?”

“You know what, how about I text you the time when it gets a little closer?”

“Sounds good, but give me enough time to get ready.”

“Okay that sounds great, I’ll see you tonight!”

The phone clicked off, well actually no it didn’t we are in the age of cellphones, so she was just no longer on the other end. He took a deep breath and danced a jig. What a complete mess, but she said yes! Now I’ve got to find what movie to watch.

The date was another success. The movie was unimportant, it was the talking before hand and the fact that she wanted to stay with him longer and get an evening snack. The only problem was just as the turned away from the concessions counter Willow had dropped all the popcorn. Kael didn’t mind in the least, he thought surely he would look like the hero by getting another bowl of popcorn without the least bit of concern about her dropping the first one. She was a little red in the face but appreciative.

Kael didn’t want the night to end. His mind was whirring with things to do so they could stay together a little bit longer.

After they finished getting their fourth meal at Taco Bell, they walked out into the yellow wash of lights from the parking lot. The both took small measured steps and the conversation had stopped.

“Well I should probably head on home.” She didn’t seem like she wanted to and that emboldened Kael.

“Or we could go hit some late night bowling.”

From that point on they were inseparable. It was only years later that he learned she didn’t like bowling in the least!

The only thing that kept them apart was work, school, or sleep. In between they were together. There were many times that Kael would meet up with her between classes just for twenty minutes or less. Then he would drive back to whatever else he had been doing.

Life was good but something was building in between them. It was like a pressure, or a tension. Kael felt it, and he thought surely Willow must feel it too. It was felt most strongly whenever they said there goodbyes. They still hugged goodbye but Kael knew at this point it should be a kiss. Just the pressure of both of them knowing anyone else would be kissing at this point made them a little uncomfortable every night.

Kael had only ever kissed on other girl, and he thought that went pretty well, but even still he was in no way experienced. Little did he know that Willow had also only kissed one other boy.

They were going to the movies once again tonight and Kael resolved himself to planting one on her. All day he visualized and dream about how it would go. In these visions he was of course a couple inches taller and his biceps and pecs where much more full. It would be time to say goodnight and he would lean down, as she looked up and there lips would meet. Her body would melt into his and he would wrap a heavily muscled arm around her. At this point in the dream, the wind would of course pick up and his hair would suddenly be about two foot longer so it could sway in breeze. And just at that moment fireworks would go off in the shape of a heart and all would be well in the world.

The time came to go to the movies. Everything again went swimmingly. Willow just understood Kael, beyond what anyone else could possibly dream. When he told her a story of his life, she would look at him shocked and say have I told you that story before? Confused I would say no I just told you a story. She would laugh and say no something like that happened to me exactly and I thought maybe I had told you and you were making fun of me.

Kael couldn’t believe it, he literally had looked his entire life, as short as that was to find someone who got his jokes that he weaved into normal conversation. So few did that he deftly worded them in a way that could be ignored if misunderstood. It was like gaining a secret access to his heart if you picked up on his subtle clues.

The only drawback was the complete distraction Kael felt the whole night because he knew what he had to do at the end of the night. Each minute that passed was another minute closer to the goodbye kiss. He began to even question if he should, I mean they were having fun as it was, no need to kiss.

It was thought like that that took him all the way up to Willow’s door. She turned to him and gave him a warm smile. It felt like she was encouraging him, he decided that he would just go for it.

His eyes locked on to hers and he drew close. He put his hand on the small of her back and gentle pulled her in towards him. As he drew close her chin lifted and her eyes gently closed.

This was better than flowing hair in a breeze with fireworks. This was better than any single date they had. This was by far worth it, and Kael later never questioned again the merit of if they should even worrying about kissing.

As awkward as the two of them were most of there lives this was not awkward it just felt right. His lips found hers even as he closed his own eyes. It was as if they knew exactly where to go.

Neither of them could have told you how long it lasted, nor did they care.

Kael lifted Willow back up from the dip he had almost thrown her into. His back twinged a little. He was not as young as he once was, and this wasn’t his first kiss, although the memory had assaulted him while he gave her a kiss in that little hotel room.

“Well I’m ready if you are.” Willow said to him giving him a smile that wrinkled up her eyes.

“Yes, let’s head out I suppose.”
The hotel was nothing special but the town outside was awaiting them. They had first visited this town for a work trip of Kael’s, but it had turned into one of their favorite vacations. They were young newly married and without kids. It was a magical time of doing whatever they wanted, and nothing could go wrong.

As he looked at his wife all these years later he had no doubt that he had made the right choice by choosing her as his forever. It hadn’t taken him long to decide that she was his one and only.

Kael and Willow had just spent another great day together. It had been about three months since Kael first saw her in that cafe. They had gone back to that cafe many times since.

They were sitting in his truck, each leaned over the middle console kissing. Now that they had broken past the barrier of the first kiss it was one of their favorite activities. With a burning, and churning in his stomach from nervousness, but emboldened by the touch of her lips, Kael let’s three simple words slip out.

“I love you.”

Willow faltered just for a second between kisses, but then continued as if he had said nothing. In a few seconds she returned the sentiment

“I lobe you too” And that how it went for a week or so. Kael would say he loved her at various times. Each time he said it he was more convinced of it being the truth and she would mispronounce the word love in someway in return.

Finally Kael had to ask why she was doing it.

“I don’t know I guess I’m just afraid, it’s a big word and we just barely know each other.”

“Barely know me? I feel like I’ve known you my whole life?” Kael was not mad, more shocked but he kept his voice even. “I can’t take back what I’ve said and to be honest I don’t want to. Whether you have decided or not I want you to know that I love you.” Kael would like to act that it didn’t bother him that she had her reservations. Logically he understood. He was moving fast, and if she wasn’t ready to return the sentiment that makes total sense. Emotionally though he just wanted her to say that she loved him back, and it still hurt that she hadn’t.

“In fact” Kael continued, “I more than just love you I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“What are you saying Kael?” She seemed nervous mixed with a little horrified.

“Will you marry me? Maybe not today or tomorrow, or even in the next year, but I know that you are the only woman for me.”

Willow was stunned she looked at Kael dumbfounded. Kael for his part didn’t feel the least bit remorseful. With anyone else he may have tried to play it off as a joke or let it go. Not now, he may have not let himself think it before because it was too preposterous of an idea, but now that it was out in the open he discovered that he agreed with it wholeheartedly.

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