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Today – Part VI – Rough Draft

Their kids were basically all that they had talked about. With good reason as well, their kids were awesome. He could still remember the difference the first baby had made it there lives. Everyone expects to know what it means to be a parent until they actually have a kid.

Two year went by in a flash. Things had turned out just perfectly. Kael and Willow spent as much time together as they could. Somedays they would hike, and camp and do everything they could think of. Other days they would spend all day on the couch binge watching their new favorite TV show. Whatever they did it was better because they were together.

Overall everything went as well as it could but that doesn’t mean every moment was perfect. When two people move in together and become one not everything meshes up just perfectly. The first year was basically just learning how to live with somebody who came from a completely different family and walk of life. It was nothing big. It was like they were expecting to have to change the big things so Willow and Kael cruised right through with no problem. It was all the little details. How you parked the car, how you loaded the dishwasher. These seemingly insignificant things that each party would handle just different enough to make the other question life!

Nothing happened that couldn’t be fixed they both resolved to work through anything together and that had worked out so well through the big things and the small. In the years to come they would look at that time with only smiles on their faces. The recollection of the little annoyances would be just enough to make them laugh if they could even recall them.

Then the day came that changed their life forever. Kael came home from work late and Willow was still awake.

“What are doing up?” Kael asked confused and pleasantly surprised.

“I have a present for you.” Willow said holding out a little box. Her grin was contagious. Kael had an idea of what he would find, but there was just enough mystery to make him hurry forward and take the box from her.

“Can I open it now?” Kael asked just to make sure.

“Yes, Yes. Open it!”

It was just a pop top box so he removed the lid and inside lay a pregnancy test nestled in a bed of tissue paper. It was positive. Kael had halfway expected this. They had been trying for the past couple months and he knew it was going to come eventually, but even still it was surprising.

Kael said nothing but he ran up to Willow and grabbed her up into a hug that lifted her feet off of the ground. He burrowed his head in her neck and swung her around in a few slow circles before setting her down and giving her a long tender kiss on the mouth.

“We did it.” Kael whispered excitedly into Willow’s ears. All the while not knowing they had accomplished the easiest part of the whole child birth and rearing episode of their life.

The pregnancy even seemed like a breeze. Everything in Kael and Willow’s life seemed to go just as they had always hoped. Then the contractions came. All day Kael was at work and Willow texted him that she thought she was starting labor. All day Kael asked if he should come home. Willow would assure him that she wasn’t quite ready yet. Then finally at thirty minutes until midnight they had to go have a baby.

Kael had no perception of what Willow was going through during the birth. He was tired and doing all he could to stay awake. Willow was as she later told Kael questioning the importance of children in their life. Just after the birth she could see no way that they would ever do this again.

When baby Carinen came out Kael was there to catch her. Learning that Willow was pregnant was one thing, and even watching her belly grow, and see the kicks of life from it, but nothing compared to holding this pink little screaming baby!

Kael once again knew that he had found his forever. It was different than the forever he found with Willow. Carinen would forever be attached to Kael’s life. He wondered at the fact that he, Willow, and God were able to create a life so precious as this. They didn’t have to go searching for the perfect child, look high and low. All they had to do was make her!

They say when you find your spouse it’s like you found your other half that you didn’t know you were missing.

When you have a child it’s like you were living life only seeing three primary colors. You child makes those colors explode into a kaleidoscope into a rainbow of different variations.

Even simple mathematics were challenged by having a child. One plus one is always two. That principle doesn’t apply to love. Kael loved Willow with all of his being. When Carinen came out, he didn’t take half his love from Willow and give it to her. No he loved her with all of his being. He loved Willow with all of his being. If nothing else happened when you have a baby, but the multiplication of love in the world we would still be better with each child that graces this world.

This was not the end of course. This was just the beginning of the blessings that Carinen would give to Kael and Willow.

Kael immediately fell asleep in the birthing bed beside Willow with Carinen sleeping on her chest. Willow was enlivened. She had just accomplished the biggest thing in her whole life. Nothing could compare, she had just jumped from the highest cliff to dive into cold ocean water, she had just stormed the castle of an enemy force and overcame it through sheer will power. She was literally superwoman and on her chest she held the bounty of her victory. Sleep was the furthest thing from her mind she stared down at Carinen unbelieving that this was her life now.

Life after that day was completely changed from any time before. Almost immediately Kael and Willow couldn’t remember what life was like without her. Everything she does was another thing to smile at, and be proud of. Each poop was a cause for celebration. It was like they were both awaked from a coma that they were living in. This is life Kael and Willow each thought to themselves.

In the night when they held a screaming baby trying to calm her their thought were not as bright!

As with every enlivening of the life you enhance the good and the bad. Going to the zoo was like traveling to another planet for Carinen. Everything was excellent and new and exciting. Her excitement was contagious. On the flip side if she dropped her snack on the floor, it was the end of the world. She had just lost a long time friend that was never coming back. A few minutes later that snack was forgetten and the next wonder was felt in unending powerful emotions.

Just as being together made Willow and Kael better people they seized the opportunity of a child to better themselves. Patience was learned, tempers were still lost, but swallowing of pride and apologies soon followed.

The one thing they never expected was the difficulty of making decisions that would not affect their lives but permanently impact that of the one that was completely in their care.

The color had just been turned on in their life and vibrancy was added to their life that they had never know that they had been missing. The next few years flew by as they did all they could to enjoy and raise a child to be the best version of herself as possible.

Kael and Willow were now looking at each other over a steaming plates of food again. This was the ritziest place they could find that was open for lunch. The food was way overpriced and the wait staff was much too helpful, but that’s exactly what Kael loved. The food was beyond excellent. He didn’t know if it was actually that good of food or just the atmosphere and the knowing of how much he spent on it made it taste so good to him. Either way Kael and Willow had nothing but good things to say about this little restuarant they found in a surrounding suburb of the main downtown.

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