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Today – Part X – Rough Draft

“One session? What do you mean one session?” Kael was taken about and his tone probably came across as aggressive. This was a lot to take in, and as a defense mechanism he began to get frustrated.

“We can only do this once, one day.” Jim remained calm with his hands folded in front of him. He has probably seen all kind so reactions from people when he throws out the price of $100,000.

“This is completely ridiculous.” Kael got up to leave. He could think of no reason to stay.

“Is it?” Jim replied still cool as a cucumber.

“Yes, yes it is. $100,00 for one virtual reality session?”

“$100,000 for one more day with a loved one? How much would you pay to have…” He looked down at some papers on his desk. “Willow for one more day? I think $100,000 is a bargain.”

Kael sat back down hard he hadn’t really contemplated what this would mean to him. “It won’t be her.” Was all he could get out. Even though he wished it would bring her back. He would give $100,000 for just one minute with her. The tears began to will in his eyes.

“It will be her. You’re mind will bring Willow back to life insider your head. She will be everything you remember and expect her to be.”

Silence enveloped the room. Kael had let a solitary tear roll down his face before he regain control of himself. Angry to crying in an instant. Kael hated to show such a lack of control of his emotions. Kael had money, his business ventures worked out well for him in the past years and $100,000 wouldn’t be the end of the world.

“Okay I’ll do it. How soon can you get me in?” Kael figured if this was a sham it was still worth it to him to try.

“You didn’t let me finish.” Jim started “Our fee is $100,000, but for this to work you need to lose everything.”

“What do you mean lose everything?” Kael was confused but kept his frustration in check and tried to stay cool like Jim.

“This only works if the patient is truly devoted to the lost one they would like to see again. The best way we have ensured that you will be able to see your Willow is by knowing how much you are willing to give away to see her. You need to give away all that you have, everything.”

“I thought you just said $100,000, now you want everything I have?” Kaels anger boiled up again this was completely ridiculous.

“You don’t have to give it to us, just give it away. You can have no hopes of giving it and getting it back when we are done. I say this for your sake. For this to work you have to give it all away. We only have one shot and if you are not completely devoted then it will all be a waste.” Jim continued. “I don’t need you to do this. This is totally your choice. What I am giving you is the chance to be with your loved one as you remember her for a full day. To do that we need $100,000 and you need to get rid of all you have.”

Kael didn’t stand, he didn’t speak, he thought about what was happening. Just for the fun of it he asked himself if he would give everything to be with Willow one more day. The answer was an easy yes. The only problem was trusting this Jim, could do what he said he could do.

“What if it doesn’t work?” was all Kael could think to ask. If the terms were true he would take the deal. He would give away all he had and all the next guy had to for Willow.

“It has always worked if the patient gives it all away. It never works if they withhold even the smallest thing.”

“Have you done it?” Kael asked Jim.

Jim’s calm broke for just a second and he looked down to recompose himself. “Yes.” He said simply still looking at his desk.

“it worked for you?” Kael asked.

“I was the one who pioneered this technology so I thought it only right to first test it on myself. I didn’t do as I am telling you to, and it didn’t work for me. My one chance is lost.” Jim looked up with true sadness in his eyes.

Kael knew that he was sincere and seeing how well Jim could keep his cool, Kael began to believe him.

Kael stood to leave. “Well Jim this is a whole lot to take in, and honestly I am going to need some time to think about it.”

Jim stood as well and came around his desk to shake Kael’s hand. “Kael this is totally your choice. I will tell you the patients that have done this have not been left unsatisfied.”

Kael nodded, “Thanks again. You may be hearing from me again.”

That was it. It was like Kael just popped out of the Twilight Zone. Everything that happened in that office was very strange. He couldn’t quite believe it actually happened. As soon as he stepped out of the room though he was back in the completely normal building. Hie was still himself and all was well.

That night all was not well. Kael couldn’t fall asleep. His thoughts tumbled through his mind. He knew his answer to the question of how much he would give to see Willow for even a minute. What he didn’t know was if he could trust this Jim and his contraption.

Night and day after that this was the only thing he could think about. About a month later he made his decision. He decided to just do it. What the heck he thought to himself, none of the things around him made him any happier anyways. He had got it once and he could get it all back if he needed to. He was still a young man in his 50 with modern tech he was sure he would make it to at least 120.

He called Jim just as soon as he had decided to go through with it. His stomach was in knots ever since he had decided to do it. He wasn’t so worried about himself it was what people would think if this didn’t work. Kael didn’t like to be thought of as the fool, although he had endured less the openminded people in the past, he supposed he could do it again.

“Kael, I had a feeling I would be hearing from you.” Jim answered after Kael had introduced himself over the phone.

“Couldn’t shake the thought.” Was all Kael could say.

“Well you know what you have to do now don’t you?” Jim asked. Kael nodded then realizing he was on the phone spoke.

“Get rid of everything.”

“Yes.” was the only reply Jim gave.

“So do you guys need payment in small unmarked bills, or how do you do it?”

Jim laughed “We aren’t doing anything illegal Jim! We can take cash or you can wire the money. Whatever works best for you.”

“Okay Jim I’m going to need some time to Liquidate all that I have. Will you be around in three months or so.”
“We’ll be here just give us a call when you are ready we should be able to fit you in.” Jim stayed very cool.

“Well thanks, you’ll be hearing from me soon.”

With that last phone call Kael was all in. The mass selling of all his possessions began. At first it felt really good. He began to just sell all of his stuff, his house, his cars, and his bank account got nice and fat. Then he had to sell the business. This was not so fun. It was something he always loved, but he rationalized to himself that he was getting a little tired of it after twenty-five years of ownership.

He still had friends, maybe after all of this they could hire him back as a custodian, he laughed to himself at the thought.

As all of this was happening his family in friends were in a frenzy. They couldn’t understand what was happening. He didn’t really want to tell them because he knew that they would think he was crazy. I’m just ready to move on to something else is all Kael would say when someone would ask what he was doing.

Next came the hard part. Emptying all the cash he had just built up.

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