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 Today – Part XI – Rough Draft

If the questions were hard to answer about why he had been selling everything answering the questions about why he was giving away all his money was another thing all together.

Most of it went to his kids, he put it in a mutual fund in their name so it could grow until they were ready to take it out.

A small portion of it went to charity, and he kept $150,000. He figured he may need to live on something a little bit before they could get him in.

He found great joy in giving away everything that he had. It was almost like being there after you die so you can decide what happens to your things. He felt the joy of giving but he also felt the complete joy of no worries. If he was still raising kids and Willow was still with him he would be worried about their futures. With it just being him, he knew he could find a way to eat and it was the last thing on his mind.

It took about three months just as Kael had expected to liquidate everything and burn through the cash. Kael had a suitcase left full of clothes, his phone and $150,000 cash. He was staying in the cheapest hotel he could find. The kind that did weekly and monthly rates. It was a blast! He had become so used to the nicest hotels that this was something different all together. It reminded him of what he used to stay in as a younger man.

If nothing else he felt forty years younger without any of the things he had accumulated. He would have to remember this feeling. Keep myself form gaining too much again. He thought to himself.

He made the call. His stomach roiled around and he just prayed that Jim would answer and this wasn’t just some joke that was now gone.

“Hello.” Jim’s cool voice came through the phone.

“Hey this is Kael. I’m ready.” That was all Kael could think to say and Jim must’ve known what he meant.

“We have free day next Tuesday. Can you make it?”

Jim looked at is watch to see that it was Thursday. “Yep that’s no problem. When should I get there?”
“Early as you can we will be there at about five am.” Jim replied.

“No problem, I’ll see you then, thanks.” Kael was not sure he would sleep these next few days anyways so waking up and getting there by five was going to be no problem at all.

“Thanks, have a great day.” Jim replied and then they both hung up.

Five days never seemed to move so slowly. Kael didn’t do much he basically either sat in his hotel room or went out to eat. He had sold his cars and everything so he had to walk to wherever he wanted to eat. He was thankful for that, the walking seemed to clear his head and it took up some time so each day passed a little quicker. Instead of driving this time to the virtual reality shop he had to fly. This is the way to do this. Kael thought to himself when they had landed just after a scant thirty minutes of flying. He hailed and cab and was on his way to his next hotel. He had found a decent AirBnB with what seemed to be a nice family. He had hopes that they would help him burn through some time by talking and such.

He was in luck they were a very friendly family with a ranch for a home and they took him through a full tour where he kept them talking as much as possible.

Before he knew it it was time to get some shut eye. He didn’t sleep well. He fell asleep almost immediately only to wake up about two hours later and stare at the ceiling for hours on end. He would not let himself get out of bed or to look at his phone. He stayed in bed till he fell asleep. It felt like about two minutes of sleep when his alarm went off.

This was the day he jumped out of bed and hopped into a quick shower. His suitcase was all packed with all of his remaining belongings and he had landed his clothes out the night before. Twenty minutes later he was creeping through the dark house, trying to not wake anyone.

A short ride in a taxi brought him back to where he had been putting all his hopes for the past three months. Kael had visualized what it would be like to see Willow again and what he would say and how he would act.

Excited to get this going he hurried up the stairs and rapidly knocked on the door.

The door opened and Jim was there this time he had a white lab coat on. It looked very official.

“Come right in Kael. We were just finishing up our last preparations.” Jim stepped out of the way and directed Kael to the seat he had last sat in with Jim.

“I’ve got one last thing to take care of myself” Kael responded as he handed his suitcase over to Jim. “The full amount is in there as well as a little bit extra that I didn’t have time to get rid of before today. Also that has the rest of my belongings. Do what ever you want with them they are yours now I don’t want to see them again.” Kael then proceeded to empty out his pockets onto Jim’s desk.

“Great. Now there is one last thing we have to take care of. Your clothes.” Jim motioned to Kael. “We have something you can wear temporarily during the procedure.”

“Perfect.” Kael said and followed Jim back to a changing room where a young lady hand wearing a lab coat as well handed him a change of clothes. They looked very similar to a nurses smock and to be honest Kael thought he looked quite smashing in them.

He came back out to find Jim waiting on him. “I have to ask you a few questions before we do this. First have you completely ridded yourself of all that you own?”
“Yes sir. The clothes sitting in that room are yours now.” Kael motioned back to the little changing room.

Jim nodded his head. “To be clear what is going to happen is you will fall asleep here and you will wake up in a different place. You will be with your loved one wherever your mind chooses to take you. We suggest you try to think about where you would like to be as you fall asleep on this end.” Kael nodded along as Jim spoke. “You will have a full day with your loved one. From the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. Whether that be 10 hours twelve hours or 20 hours.” Kael nodded again.

“Last question here, are you ready to see Willow?” Jim asked this very seriously.

“More than anything.” Was all Kael could respond. His stomach did backflips. It’s happening he thought to himself. Today is finally the day. He wouldn’t let himself worry if this would actually work or not. He knew worry wouldn’t help anything anyways so he focused on what it would be like to hold his Willow in his arms.

They went into a new room and that is where the bed and technology lay. Jim motioned for Kael to lay down on the bed and they put a contraption on his head that had all kinds of wires connected to it. After that it was Jim and two other women who proceed to get everything set up. The last thing they did was inject Kael with something and told him to count backwards from 10.

Everything went black.

She walked in the room.

She flowed into the room.

She appeared in the room.

Kael couldn’t remember how she got in the room. She was there and that is all that matters. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was literally looking at a miracle. She was the woman of his dreams and she was here with him.

Willow came walking back from the bathroom and Kael’s fear of abandonment subsided. It did not disappear, it nagged at the back of his head. He knew that they only had today. That scared him. He didn’t know if he would be able to say good bye again. She was perfect in every way. He wanted to stay with her forever. He had done all he could to ensure that she would be with him until the end. It didn’t matter though his forever was torn away and this was maybe his last chance to see her again, before he himself was taken from the world.


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