This is my rough draft completely unedited. For a full explanation go to Part I.



Today – Part XIII – Rough Draft

Today is going to be a little bit different then what I have been doing. The story that you have been reading for the past twelve days is pretty much complete. That was the idea I had in my head. The only problem with that is I am not satisfied with it. Maybe it is just me but of all the problems with my rough draft the biggest is that I feel it is too one-dimensional. Back on day six I watched the movie “Stardust”. This was like the millionth time that I had watched and shocker I loved it again. If you haven’t seen that you certainly need to watch it. The main driving force for this movie is the love story. Love is what make the main characher do all the things he is doing. However it is not just a love story in a void, kind of how my story “Today” is at this point. No it is also and action, fantasy, comedy, and just an all around awesome movie. It doesn’t just have one aspect it has all of these aspects all intertwined and done in a way that keeps you interested throughout the whole movie. “Stardust” is one of all time favorite movies and is what I would call a “perfect” movie. There is nothing I would want different about it. So that brings me back to the point of my book. I feel like yes I like the premise of the love story that I have already written. to be honest even that portion of it needs a lot of work. My rough drafts usually end up being more of a very detailed outline for myself. Moving forward however I want to infuse adventure and fantasy. I always love building worlds and making people see in their mind what they have never seen in real life. The adventure will more than likely be non-violent. The impetus for the adventure will not be a valiant quest of because the world is endind it will be for the sake of the adventure and the love. Another goal I have as I move forward is to make the characters more realistic and well rounded. I believe there is nothing more important in a book than having characters that people believe are out there living somewhere. So this is what I am still considering to be a rough draft of sorts because the general idea of the book has been changed quite dramatically. At the same time it is a bit of a rewrite. If you been reading the past twelve days, fret not I think you will still enjoy this portion, I have ideas to make it feel almost a different book completely. The only thing lacking will be the twist at the end won’t shock and surprise you. Okay that is a super huge sidenote: Go on and enjoy what I have written.


“Are you ready?” Kael breathed in the brisk morning air. It was early, so early that sun hadn’t even begun to rise yet. The stars were in there full glory.

“AH, I don’t think I can do this.” Willow stepped took a step back. She was absolutely beautiful. Kael couldn’t see every detail of her in the dim light but he had it memorized so well that he didn’t need to even look.

“Come on, we can do it. What do we have to lose?” Kael’s grin couldn’t be contained. He couldn’t believe he was here with her. She was the love of his life, and he relished the thought of spending the day with her.

Willow took a deliberate breath and step back up beside Kael. “Okay, let’s just get it over with.” Were her eyes closed?

“You’re going to love it I know. We used to do this all the time.”

“Well it’s been a long time I don’t know if I can handle it anymore.”

“Hey I’m much older than you. If I can handle it than so can you.” Kael didn’t feel the years. He was mid fifties, but at least for the day time had no hold on him.

“On three. One. Two. Three. Jump!” Hand in hand Kael and Willow jumped off of the edge of the island. Instantly everything slowed. It was as if in this heightened state of adrenaline that the world came into focus. At least for Kael. He immediately noticed Willow, with her eyes shut again how could she enjoy this with her eyes closed, her long blond had was flowing up towards the sky like the flame of a candle. She was everything Kael ever wanted in life and he was still in disbelief that he was holding her hand.

As if zooming out on a telescope the next thing Kael noticed was the star’s above, they were so vast. It was peculiar how they seemed so close as to touch them, but at the same time made you realize how small you were.

Finally Kael looked down to see try and find there direction. Useless, it was thick fog below, not even the hottest summer sun made this fog burn up. He would just have to trust Goma to be there when he was ready.

Nothing like a good freewill into the unknown to clear one’s thoughts. Kael was taken back to when this all began. The catalyst that had sent him hurtling towards Willow, without him even knowing. It was the biggest blessing Kael had ever been a part of.

Kael woke up with the sunrise, just as he always did. He kept the shutters of his window cracked enough to let the sun wake him up. He didn’t jump out of bed like he used to. It had been months since he had done that. Something had changed in him. He lay in bed building up the impetus to get himself out. He wouldn’t say he was sad or depressed, and when the day got moving along he would even say he was pretty happy.

The only problem was times like these. It was just him and his overwhelming thoughts. When he wake up from a good night’s sleep and when he lay his head on the pillow at night.

Kael discovered in those times the reality of what he felt. He was unhappy. His life was not what he wanted, and he didn’t know what he wanted. There was nothing wrong with his life. He had it better than most, he just always believed there was more for him. He still believed it. The only problem was is he didn’t believe in what he did every day know.

With these thoughts in his head Kael pulled himself out of his bed and readied himself for the day.

His yurt was small, and had just one big room. This is where he slept, cooked, ate, and all the rest. He had moved out from his parents sprawling yurt, if you could still call it that, about a year ago. The freedom was great, but in all honesty he ended up back at home most nights to hang out with his family. He was a stones throw away from them anyways.

Kael got some food into his belly and the day began to look up for him. Something about good food in the morning and a routine made Kael very content.

With a belly full of food and his work clothes on Kael headed to the shop.

The shop was also a stone’s throw from his house. The walk was short. Kael’s whole life felt like it was a stone’s throw away.

“Good morning son!” The cheery welcome came Robik, Kaels dad.

“Morning dad.” Kael’s was not grumpy but definitely a little less cheery. “What’s on the docket today?”

“All work today I see lad?” Robik poked at Kael’s business attitude. “Well unlucky for you or lucky for you we don’t have any new commissions at this point. I have a few that I need to wrap up, but you are free to do as you please.”

This was lucky. Kael knew that when Robik said do as he pleased he meant inside the shop, not elsewhere. None the less Kael would have chosen no where else to go today. He had a project that he had been working on for months in his spare time.

“I should think you could finish that pack today.” Robik noted not looking up from the sheath for a sheering knife he was making. Kael stopped. How had he known what I was making?

Kael had not been hiding what he was doing, but he was not very forthcoming about it either. He had all the pieces shaped and styled ready for assembly, but to guess what it was just by the pile of leather in shoved in the corner of their shop was impressive.

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