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Today – Part XV – Rough Draft

The rest of lunch went quietly and back to the shop Robik and Kael went. Neither spoke. Kael was deeply in his thoughts. Is now the time? He had always dreamed of going on an adventure but was this it. He was really waiting for some sign that would tell him when it was time to go.

Someday never comes. Those words kept running through Kael’s mind and he knew how true they were. He could be an old man waiting for someday. He supposed he didn’t have much of a choice at this point though. His parents were already making plans for him to go.

Kael very steadily worked away on his pack. His mind was not on the pack though his mind began to see the world. He always had a very vivid imagination and that’s what drove him to the thought of adventure. He could see the whole world through his mind, but he was ready to see it in the flesh. His excitement started boiling up from the seat of his stomach. He could help a grin climbing onto his face.

What must’ve seemed out of the blue to Robik Kael turned and spoke, “Once I have finished this pack I will head out to Goya.”

Robik however was seemingly unsurprised by the sudden speech. “Sounds like a plan to me son. You will need some supplies for the road. You just finish your pack and then we will get you prepared for the road ahead.”
“Of course I’ll make up a list of what I will, I’ve made my pack small so I can’t bring much, only the essentials.”
“I’ll have your mother make some traveling food. Should last you until you get to Goya at least.”

“This is going to be awesome.” Kael could hardly hold in his excitement.

“I do have one request those boy, before you go.”


“Take someone with you. There will be nothing more helpful than having a travel companion.”

“You think someone will come with me on such short notice.” Kael said but her already knew just the person who would. Dinner time came soon and with it came the end of Kael’s shop time. He had not finished his pack, and wished he could stay all night, but he had one other important piece of business to take care of.

Once the tools were cleaned up and the floor swept, Kael hurriedly made his way out of the shop and towards the town center.

“Should I tell Luna that you won’t be eating with us.” Robik called to his son.

“Keep some warm for me, I’ll be back soon.” Kael called back over his shoulder without slowing his pace. He was quite excited and even broke into a jog a couple times before purposefully slowing down and telling himself to calm down.

From the shop to the town center it was a gentle incline and the closer you got the steeper it became. Kael began to feel it in his legs. I’ve been sitting in the shop to much he thought to himself as his breath came faster and faster.

Just before he reached the town he turned left and circle around it. This was to keep him from having to hike up too much more and the bigger reason is because he didn’t want to have to stop and talk to everyone. On an island like this, everybody know everybody. Kael didn’t suppose that was a bad thing, but sometimes it would be nice to me anonymous. Kael was well thought of on his island, and he was always very polite. Nobody would call him antisocial or an introvert, but that was how Kael felt sometimes. He loved being on his own most of the time. Just him and his thoughts. No one seemed to understand Kael like he wished they would. His mother was probably the closest to Kael, but even she did not receive complete openness from Kael.

Kael was not dishonest. Quite the opposite in fact, many times he had gotten himself in trouble with his earnest speech. He learned from a young age that what you say severely affects people. He had always tried to be gentle from that point forward, but the problem was people just got so offended by things.

There had been many times he would talk with someone in town and it would circle back to his mother by the time he got home and she would ask him why he had said such things.

Kael wasn’t the best at apologies, he did his best to just lay low until people blew off there steam. If he did see them again he would just act as if nothing was the matter.

Soon Kael was on the other side of the town, and besides an odd cow here and there, he had avoided any human contact.

He made his way around a bend and there she stood. The exact person he was really trying to avoid. He told himself that he didn’t want to waste time with anyone but really this was the reason he had gone around the town. It was all for not she stood there staring at him like she had been expecting him at any moment.

“Hello Kael.” Her voice was high and screechy. Well it actually wasn’t that bad, but it’s when you get to know someone that everything they do seems to reflect their persona. He supposed if he didn’t know her, he would think that her voice was sweet and melodious.

“Hey Jillian.” Kael didn’t miss a beat, he immediately put a smile on his face and kept on walking towards her. He had to think of a way to make this quick. “I’d love to talk, but I’ve -“
“Oh great I’ve been meaning to talk to you as well.” Jillian cut in. It was lost and Kael knew it. He had his arm half up in a gesture as if to tell her where he was going and he was trying to just walk right past her but she took this for something else. She went right in for the hug.

“Thank you Kael I needed that.” She embraced him tightly and he suddenly had no idea what to do with his arms. They were held up over he shoulders in an awkward circle. He decide to go for a gentle pat on her back, but that still left his other arm up. He was literally using all of his brain power to figure out what to do with his arms. It was as if he was just learning to use them again.

Gloriously before Kael considered just letting them fall off, she released him. He quickly but them down at his sides. Now that he was aware of them though they seemed like big logs hanging off of the side of his torso. It was like when you start concentrating on your breathing. You do it without thinking and then you focus on it and it seems like the hardest thing in the world to keep doing.

“I had just a dreadful day. I went to the seamstress shop and you know how it’s up those steep crooked little steps. Well wouldn’t you know it I slipped and not only did I scrape my knee but also tore my dress.”
Immediately Kael’s eyes went down to her dress only to see no tears at all.

Jillian fluttered and swirled the bell of her dress, as if putting on a show. “Luckily I was so close to the shop. I was picking up another dress,” She gestured to the dress she was now wearing, “and I gave Nora the what for! I’m sure she is fixing my other dress just as fast as her finger would let her.”

Kael sincerely doubted Jillian gave Nora any what for. The seamstress was a small woman, probably a full head or two shorter than Kael, but he was unsure if in a fight between him and her who would be the victor. More likely Nora offered to fix the torn dress, she was sweet unless you crossed her. Nora was one of the few townspeople, Kael actually looked forward to seeing.

“Well sounds like it all worked out for you. I’ve really got to be going though. I promised that I’d meet Banny this evening. I want to see him and get home before the sun sets.” Kael was thankful for the brief breath Jillian took, so he could engineer his escape plan.

“Perfect, you can walk me home on your way.” Jillian seemed smug. How had Kael forgotten that Bannon worked for Jillian dad.

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