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Today – Part XVIII – Rough Draft

With his pack completed, Kael was a bit lost in the shop. He put some finishing touches on the pack that weren’t all that necessary, but Kael felt made a difference. Then he proceeded to clean up his area to make sure when he left, Robik would have no problems in the shop.

Robik peered up at him over his work a couple times then finally when Kael made the fourth trip up and down the length of the shop, looking for something to do he spoke.

“I have something I have been meaning to give you.”

“Oh?’ Kael didn’t know what else to say. It was too soon to say thank you and any other question would make him seem greedy.

“Yeah.” Robik stood up from his stool and dragged it behind him as he made his way to one of the ways. Scooting his stool against the wall he proceeded to climb atop it. Robik was not an old man, nor was he a young man though. Kael hurried over to steady the stool for you.

Robik began to run his fingers up and down one of the support beams for the shop.

“What could you possible have for me up there?” Kael was dumbfounded.

Just then there was a soft pop and the side of the beam popped open. It was a hidden door Kael realized. He didn’t know what could possible be inside, but he was beyond excited at this point. It must be something worth while if it was worth hiding.

Before Kael could formulate a question he was silenced once more by Robik pulling out a long thin item wrapped in black cloth.

Robik remained silent as he climbed down from he stool, as did Kael trying to get a better look at what was in his hand. He made his way to the work bench and quickly clearing a spot he gently laid the item on the bench. Then as if he was taking a moment to decide if he should’ve done this Robik stared at the item unmoving.

“Well, come on now, you can’t just do this and not show me what it is.” Patience was not one of Kael’s strong suits.

Kael’s words startled Robik into action. He gently began to unfold the fabric. What lay before Kael was by far the coolest thing he had ever lain eyes on. It was all he could do not to reach forward and grasp it in his hands. He thought that might be a little forward since it was a gift. Robik gingerly lifted with both hands the item and turned handing it over to Kael.

What lay in Kael’s hand must’ve been one of the finest sword handle and sheath he had ever seen. The sheath was wide and flat. A folded piece of leather that was sewn together on one side. He had seen his father make similar sheath. Generally he would put curly designs and and flowing etchings. This was unlike anything Kael had seen. It was not natural. The lines were straight and unyeilding. Making angles that were almost hard to follow. Even still it had a beauty in is difference. The lines were faintly engraved in the leather. If you didn’t get a good look it would seem just a plain scabbard. The handle was tightly woven leather as well. Kael wrapped his hand around the hilt. He would have though it would feel awkward in his hand, but surprisingly it was a snug fit that seemed to nestle just in the right places. The guard was wide and flat. The Leather was rough so as not to let his hand slip. It was perfect.

Kael looked up to Robik silently.

“Go ahead.” Robik prodded Kael with a short reassuring nod. He had grin on his face but it was the tightness around his eyes that told Kael he wasn’t completely happy with his choice.

Kael ignored that que and gently pulled on the hilt. Nothing happened, Kael instantly had the insane idea that maybe the sword chose who it would allow to draw. It was magically for some reason. That’s when he noticed the fat strap that went over the sword guard and buttoned on the other side. Shaking his head at his own thoughts, Kael began to think he had been reading too many books. Although it felt right now as if he was living the life of one of his characters that he read about. He was being given a sword, how much better a sign could it be that he would have an awesome and dangerous adventure.

The sword slid out smoothly. It was a flat blade about four fingers wide that was sharpened on only one side. The it was a thick blade that tapered down to the opposite sharp side.

Drawing it out completely Kael was struck by how light it was. His forearm was unstrained holding the blade out parallel to the floor. It was good three foot long. The metal of the blade was something special as well. It was a flat and dull silver but again those unnatural lines seemed to make up the metal. Kael gave it a few swings as if he knew what he was doing with it. Robik took a cautionary step back, but said nothing.

“Thank you.” Kael returned the sword back to it’s home and could think of nothing else to say.

“I hope you never need it.” Robik was somber. “ But if you ever do need it, you’ll have it. I only ask you one thing. Only use it if you feel there is no other option. If you can run away, do it. No shame. Don’t be a hero, just stay alive.”

Kael nodded. His stomach twisted at the thought of having to actually used the blade. Sure this was seeming like one of the stories he had read, but he hope that his adventure didn’t take him to a place that he needed to use the sword.

“You can go get Bannon now if you would like so Luna can give him a good talking to. I hope she isn’t too hard on him.”

“Yeah I might sit this one out.” Kael took the sword and head out the door.

“Here you’ll probably want this.” Robik catch Kael’s attention before he made it out the door. Turning Kael saw Robik pull one more thing out of the black cloth. Beside the sword Kael had totally missed seeing anything else in the cloth. Robik turned and threw the belt to Kael. Kael was less excited about he belt, but to be honest it was just as fine of work as the scabbard. He would have to remember to ask Robik what kind of leather that was. It seemed unfamiliar to Kael.

Wasting no time Kael began heading down the path towards Bannon once again. As he was walking he worked at getting the sword strapped around his waist. It took much longer than he would’ve liked to admit. He would have to get faster at that if he was ever going to hope to hop out of bed read for a fight. He had is swung on his hip.

He was feeling quite proud of the sword at first. As he got closer to the town center though he began to question his decision of bringing the sword with him.

It would certainly seem odd to these people on this island. They would probably seldom see a sword at all. The only reason Kael had seen as many as he had was because of the commissions he and his father would sometimes get at the shop as well as all the time he spent with Bannon in the blacksmith shop while he worked there.

He figured he would just take the long way around town, just to avoid any prying eyes that may question why he was carrying a sword around.

He made it past the town with no run ins. He even kept a vigil eye for Jillian. Soon he was heading through the field back to the tree where he thought surely Bannon was hanging around.

The sound of a wooden flute confirmed his suspicion. Kael slowed his walk so he could enjoy Bannon’s playing. Bannon was really quite good. He always kept his little wooden flute with him but refused to play for anyone.

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