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Kael’s sleep once again was fitful. He sat awake most of the night staring at the ceiling of his yurt. A few times he had tried to see if Bannon was awake as well, but his friend obviously slept like a rock.

Today was the day. Okay I don’t guess it was the day they were leaving or anything, but the best Kael can figure, it was probably their last day on his home island. Just a little bit of prepping and he and Bannon could leave out early tomorrow.

Bannon didn’t wake up with the sunrise, and if Kael hadn’t woken him up out of necessity to get moving, He may have slept clean through until sunrise the next day.

“I’m up.” Bannon said groggily as he rolled over and closed his eyes.

“This is our last day many, we have a lot to do.” Kael was nudging his legs with his foot.

“Okay, okay. I’m getting up.” This time Bannon did actually sit up. With that they were off for the day. Bannon did split up to go tell his boss that he would no longer be tending the cattle. Soon he was back with Kael at his yurt with a woven pack and a bedroll. He had a change of clothes some food and some food in the pack. As well as fire stones and some rope.

Kael thought he was packing light but, Bannon seemed unconcerned about how little he was bringing.

“How much do you need?” Was all the said when questioned by Kael.

“At least take this as well.” Kael handed him one of his old traveling cloaks. He never used it for traveling too much but he had quite a few of the soft leather garments. One of the perks of being a leather worker.

“That was mine a long time ago, but it should fit you pretty well.” Kael was much taller than Bannon, but the cloak seemed to fit him almost perfectly.

Kael packed all that he thought he might need at well. When he had clothes and a bedroll tied to the pack he made his way into the shop. He took his most crucial leather working tools. It was a sort of traveling pack. They sat in a leather pocket that rolled them up and had a leather band to tie it all together.

“Plan on doing some sewing on the road?” Bannon prodded Kael.

Robik who was in the shop as normal answered without taking his head up from his bench. “A man can make a living anywhere he goes with those tools. You will be glad that he brought them I think.”
“Yep,” Kael agreed, “In case we need to get a little spending cash.”

Bannon just shrugged and continued to fiddle around with whatever he found on the bench.

“You better stop in to see you mother, she had been preparing food for your trip.” Robik nodded his head towards their yurt.

“That was my next stop.”

Luna had made them a ton of food. Mostly hard cheeses, dried meats, and stiff breads. “These should last you a while, at least until you can find some decent cook.”
Kael was grateful, he filled the rest of his pack with food, and there was enough leftover to fill the rest of Bannon’s as well. He may of scoffed at the extravagance of what Kael packed, but he took the food without question. Food was never an extravagance to Bannon.

“When do you think you will be heading out?” Luna asked.

“Well we are both pretty much ready to go. So probably tomorrow morning.” Kael replied.

Luna just nodded, for some reason Banno was looking at the floor or out the window, anywhere but in Luna’s direction.

What had she said to him? Kael thought to himself.

“Well you better get a letter out to the ferry man so he can be here tomorrow to take you off of the island.”
“You’re right I totally forgot.” Kael started to run out the door then realized he had left all of his stuff in his hurry. Probably won’t need get out there that quick he thought to himself.
After he and Bannon had taken their packs back to Kael’s yurt, they headed out toward the postman. Kael decided not to buckle his sword on this time. Not only because he would surely have no use of it, in town, but he just didn’t want to attract any undue attention.

Kael and Bannon got enough attention when they got into town. People peered out their windows at them. Kael acted like nothing was out of the ordinary, but you just know when people are watching you out of the corner of their eyes. They were probably wondering why anyone would leave the island, just for fun. Kael greeted those he saw on the street and they smiled right back, well he thought he will just act as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Finally they got to the post. It was a tall building the tallest in the town sitting high up the hill that the town surrounded. It was mostly steps, The bottom was a simple desk with a man that you would tell you message to or give him a scroll to send. He would then take the up to the top of the build that was full of pigeons. After tying it to their leg the bird would fly off wherever it was trained to go.

“I need transport to Goya.” Kael said more confidently than he felt. His parents were the only ones who sent messages this way. He had never done it himself and thus was unsure of the process.

“Well,” Sina, a thin man with a stoop that made him look twenty years older began, “No one from Goya comes all the way out here. You’ll have to go to the bigger terminal in Sonan. Then you should be able to make it to Goya.”
“To Sonan then!” Kael said jovially. This was a little tweak in the plan, but really he was dead set on going to just one place anyways. He was more interested in going to every place. Nothing could break his mood.

Sina sneered a little at the sudden remark. Just then the door crashed open to the post. Kael and Bannon swung around to see what had cause the commotion. At that moment Kael thought maybe leaving his sword at home was not the best idea.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” The intruders shill voice was on edge.

“Oh hey Jillian, I uh, was meaning to tell you.” Kael’s voice was unsteady and just faded off at the end of his sentence.

“My dad just told me that you and Bannon are going on some big adventure, with the Spring festival in 4 nights.” Jillian was absolutely livid. He fair skin was a blotchy red with anger.

Kael’s jaw worked but no words came out. He wanted to make an excuse but nothing came. In all honesty he regretted what he had done to Jillian. At the time it seemed like it was a good idea. Now he saw obviously that it really hurt Jillian. The anger she was showing was no mask to the hurt in her eyes.

Kael often acted without regard to others feeling, but he very keenly felt their reactions. It made his stomach twist knowing that he was the one that made her feel so angry and sad.

“I suppose you just forgot that you had just promised me not two days past that you would dance with me. How am I going to look, now with no time left to find a partner. Why didn’t you just say.” Jillian’s anger was fading and tears began to roll down her face. “I got a new dress and everything.” Here face dropped down and it seemed as her whole body drooped.

Kael rushed over and took her in an embrace. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said I would go. I just, It was, well I don’t know why I did that. It was wrong of me, but I am sure any boy on this island would love to go the dance with you.”
“I didn’t want any boy on the island. I wanted you.” Jillian’s voice was small in Kael’s shoulder.

Kael gritted his teeth. Why did he put himself in these situation?

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