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After they had polished of the food, they headed back to the main thoroughfare to find what they would do next. Kaels’s mouth still burned as he went back to the owner of the stand where they had just bought their food. Kael had figured since he had bought food from him, he would be more likely to help him out.

He was right in a way.

“That way.” The man pointed with his long ladle.

“Uh, great” All Kael could see when he looked that way was a mass of people. “How will I know when I get there?”

Kael was pushed out of the way by another customer buying more food from the vendor. Since Kael wouldn’t be buying anymore, it was as if he no longer existed to the man.

Giving a shake of his head he caught Bannon’s eyes and they headed the direction they were already going. Away from the ferry station from their home island.

The cobbled street ran parallel with the edge of the island. The shops were a never ending stream. The shouts were loudest at the entry points from the ferry onto the cobbles. Kael intitally was thinking of a way to find out where to go when he got totally lost in just the cacophony of all that. He just kept walking and stared at everything. It was a lot of food but there were also all kind of shops selling so many different wares.

It was all Kael could do to keep on walking. His father had warned him about all the ways to burn through money. One of those ways was to buy things out of an impulse. Just enjoying it all he kept on going.

“Where are we going?” Bannon caught up to Kael and had to basically yell the question in Kael’s ear.

“I don’t know.” Kael grinned back.

Bannon was not amused. He turned immediately and squared his shoulders. He walked up the the nearest vendor and began shouting something.

Kael couldn’t hear what he was saying but got the general idea. He couldn’t however tell if Bannon was angry or not. From his vantage he could see the veins on his neck bulging but, that could just be because he was yelling to be heard. The vendor owner was wearing a grimace but again Kael didn’t know if that was just his normal face.

Abruptly Bannon turned and headed towards Kael. Kael now knew that he was indeed mad.

“Did you find anything out?” Kael yelled to him.

“No, but we should probably keep stepping at least until that vendor can’t see us.” Bannon grabbed Kael’s arm and led him on.

Kael wonder what possible Bannon could have said that made him feel we should keep moving. He had hurried his way ahead in the crowd though so he thought it would be an exercise if futility to try and ask. Especially where everyone could hear.

Thinking that they should probably get a better directive than a vague point of the hand. Kael began to create a plan. Bannon’s method of just picking anyone and yelling at them didn’t seem like a good plan.

Kael looked for someone to who would want to talk with him. Who likes to talk he though to himself. Just then the perfect candidate came into view. It was an older lady with her partner. They were certainly in no hurry. They spoke to eachother from time to time by leaning close and yelling in each other’s ear. They would give each other and encouraging smile or even a laugh after they said something particularly fun.

Kael put on his best smile. All adults had seemed to love Kael growing up and he had a way with his older clients. He walked up confidently to them

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you but do you think you could give me some directions.” He spoke as loud as he could without it being screechy. Kael made sure to clearly enunciate so that they could hear him.

“Well you’ve come to the right couple. We happen to live here. We just like to come down here from time to time just to the feel the energy from so many people.”

“This isn’t the island town center?”

“Oh heavens no, there is a much smaller town in the center of the island. Just around here with all the travel, do you see such traffic. The middle of island hardly sees so much of this traffic.”
Kael nodded. “Well me and my friend here are trying to get to Goya. Could you tell us how to get there.”

“Well young lad I can’t tell you that. There is only a few people that could in fact. You see these ferry stations are devoted to just one path of travel. So you could travel out to Goya from station 15 one day and 30 the next day. The person you need to find is the Ferry Master. Well there is actually more than one of them. They are set up at big stands and they have the schedule for all the ferry station.”

Kael grin grew at all the great information and he nodded along as the old man told him just what he needed to know. However before he could thank the man. His attention was torn from them by a shocking increase in volume. Looking down the street he saw a split its the river of people. They parted around something and came back together on the other side like a water flowing around some obstruction.

Kael looked to find Bannon and his fear realized itself when he was nowhere to be seen. His stomach twisted at the thought. He hurriedly pushed past the nice older couple and through the thick crowd to the opening. His stomach acted as a good guide of the future. He found Bannon and three burly men circling each other. What had he done now?

Without another thought Kael jumped in beside Bannon. “Glad you could join me,” Bannon said wryly glancing over at Kael.

“What did you do?” Kael spoke through clenched teeth.

“If we make it out of this, I’ll let you know.”

The first of the burly men lunged at Bannon. Quicker than Kael thought possible, Bannon jumped to the side with both fist clenched together over his head Bannon brought all of his strength the bear on the man. The man’s was over extended forward and with the blow to the top of his head it sent him chin first into the cobblestones. The crunch was audible even over the crowd.

Kael was shocked. Bannon was half the size of these thugs, but he man did not move from the ground. Kael was jarred from his thoughts by his own body hitting the cobble stones. There was as a mountain of a man atop. Out of sheer fear and instinct Kael began to kick wriggle and punch. The mass returned the favor. Kael remembered too late that his sword was on his hip. He reached down and grabbed the hilt. It wouldn’t budge. The way the sat, his sword was pinched in the scabbard.

Just as he was figuring a way to get it free, the Man realize the opening Kael was leaving by having his hand down by his waist instead of protecting his face.

The brute grabbed Kael’s head lifting it by his hair and slamming it down hard on the cobbles.

The world fuzzed. Kael fought to see and hear through the buzz that had began in his ear. He lost fight. Blackness quickly took over.

Gasping Kael sat up. He was no longer on the cobble stones, but on grass, nor was he in the main thoroughfare. His head was swimming with pain and sitting up so quickly had wreaked havoc with his sense of direction. It was all he could do to stay upright.

“Take it easy there killer.” Bannon’s voice was unmistakeable.

“Where are we?”

“Well I can’t give you a name but we are basically laying low for a little, so the authorities don’t ask to many questions.”
“The authorities?” Kael was so confused.

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