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“Yeah a time or two.” The man snorted a bit.

“Do they have as many turtles as the terminal back there? I had never seen more than one turtle at a time until yesterday.”
“Ha, yes my boy they have quite a few more. In fact you may have come from one of the smallest terminals in the land. The turtle farm is the main supplier for the whole worlds turtles you can imagine how many turtle they have.”

“Man, I can’t want to see that, how much longer until we get there?” Kael was beginning to get excited.

“Well this is an overnighter. We’ll stop on a small uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere. Then we’ll get started in the morning again and be on our way. Probably be mid afternoon tomorrow.”
Kael just nodded. He was a bit disappointed at how long it would take. He thought surely traveling as fast as the did on these turtles they could be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Obviously the world was beginning to show him that it was much bigger than he realized.

Soon they began to sit in silence again. Kael had little else to say about the matter. Finally he did have the decency of mind to ask the man’s name that had so graciously given away his food.

“Staron.” He had told him. Soon they began to exchange small talk such as where Kael came from and what he used to do there. It was all actually quite enjoyable. Kael did realize he was doing most of the talking, but Staron didn’t seem to mind listening. He was very attentive.

Before he knew it the sun was getting low on the horizon and they began to settle down through some low hanging clouds. Once the sky cleared again Kael could see the island that Staron had been talking about. It was certainly small, but it didn’t seem completely abandoned.

As they got closer he could see what looked like a house, and as they landed he realized it must be an inn.

Everybody unloaded and they began making their way towards the building. Looking over at Bannon and shrugging Kael began to follow behind them. He saw not other option but to sleep under the stars.

Once he got closer to the building it did seem a little odd in the fact that it had no sign and there were no lights.

As they stepped inside, it was dark and people were scrambling around in the dim light looking for something. That’s when the first candle was lit. From that point on people started lighting more and more candles and handing them out. They one by one everybody just went upstairs. Again Kael and Bannon followed what others were doing. Up the stairs Kael was shocked to see people go into a room and shut the door. Who’s house is this. Where is the innkeeper. Kael asked himself all of these questions. Finally it was just Kael and Bannon in the room.

He was looking around dumbfounded as well.

“I suppose we find a room then.” Bannon said. Sure enough they went on until they found a room with the door open and it was a bedroom. No blankets or anything but there was a stand for the candle and a small table with two chairs.

“What is this?” Kael asked aloud.

“I don’t know, I suppose it just a place for people to sleep when they have long trips like this.” Bannon seemed okay with it taking laying down in one of the small cots and wrapping himself up in his cloak to sleep.

“Well I think I’ll have to ask Staron tomorrow.”
“Yeah, do that.”
Feeling oddd about it Kae layed down to sleep. Oddly enough a full day of sitting in the saddle of the turtles back, was enough to make him feel completely wore out.

Kael fell asleep immediately.

They were awoken by the sounds of doors opening and shut and the scrapings of people that were preparing for the next leg of the journey.

Having slept in their clothes Kael and Bannon where ready to go almost immediately and since Kael still felt like they had done something wrong he got out of the room quickly and headed down stairs.

There was a common room of sorts with some mismatched tables and chairs but no place for a musician or show to be held. He spotted Staron among the few that sat at the table nibbling on food or talking.

“What is this place?” Kael asked Staron.

“A little odd if you don’t know about them I suppose. These are buildings maintained by the ferriers they give you a place to sleep, although this is included in the price of your ticket.”

“Who keeps it clean?”

“Well nobody lives here but every few weeks or so they will send a crew with a ferry coming this way and they’ll clean and restock it.”
“This is very odd.”

“Yes well nobody can live on this island really. there is no water here, so you would have to cart in all your water, and have your own turtle for travel. Some of the people that are well off enough to have large turtles will have what they call private islands like these. Their turtles are big enough to carry the weight of water. We are a half a day travel from anywhere here, and ferries don’t stop here everyday.”
Hmm. Kael again had little to say. He needed to process it all. These new things were not enough to be called extraordinary, but it was different enough that Kael was impressed. It was things like this that he was looking forward to. Things about the world that nobody put in his books, they were the small details that you would only know if you traveled a bit.

“Do all these people travel that much?” Kael was shocked by how normal all this was to all the passengers.

“Sure, a lot of people live on one island and work on another,”

“Really how do they have time to get back and forth?”

“Well the central islands are much closer than the island you were raised with. They may only be 15 minutes away.”

“Sounds like that you could just jump if they are that close.”
“Ha, I would like to see you try that. Although I have seen herds of Buyara that can jump from some of the closer islands.”

The ferry man made his round through the whole house announcing that it was time to depart. I guess he didn’t want to leave anyone behind on accident. Soon they were all back in the saddle, and many of the patrons looked as though they wished they could be anywhere else.

Kael could understand a little bit. He was still enjoying the flying, but after a couple hours of it, you do want to be able to spread you legs and run around a bit. Kael was still impressed enough by the flight to not complain. Others were not as impressed. They grumbled at the proscpect of another day in the saddle.

With a short morning nap to help the time pass, Kael awoke the the feeling of the ferry landing. His eyes popped open. He couldn’t believe he had fallen asleep. Even two days ago he would have swore that he would never fall asleep during something as glorious flying through the air on the back a majestic turtle.

The thought of that quickly fled his mind as he saw what was in front of him.

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