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“Yeah.” Was all Bannon said. His shoulder slumped and he looked down at the ground. It was as if telling his story had completely exhausted him.

“Well, that doesn’t bother me.” Kael decided in that instant that it didn’t matter. He had never met a Nartel, but this halfblooded one had been his friend for a long time. He was not about to start judging him just because he knew a little more about him.

“I always thought you were a little stronger than you were supposed to be.”

“Yeah I’m not as strong as me old man, but I’m not as angry either.” Bannon lifted his head and gave a smirk at his little joke. Kael returned his smirk and raised it to a toothy smile.

“Okay well one more question, why the heck did I just get beat up?”
“Oh yeah, that’s and easy story. One of those fellows tried to mug me. Right in the middle of the street can you believe that. He told me to give me my bag, and the stood there trying to intimidate me into handing it over. Well like I said I don’t get as mad as me old man but I was mad then. I pushed him back and the other two came to his sides. That’s when you came running in and you know the rest.”
Kael nodded his head thoughtfully, “Then why are we hiding?”

“I just thought maybe this island would have some kind of patrol of some sort that would like us foreigners bustining up people. That’s one thing you got to remember Kael. Everywhere you go you are a foreigner. Until you prove yourself to the people, they will mistrust you. It’s best to lay low if possible.”
Kael only snorted. This piece of advice from the guy who in the first day of their adventure had gotten him into a fight. Kael’s head was swimming, but when he thought of all that had happened thus far he was very please. They flew to a new island, ate new food, and got into a fight. They even won, this was definitely turning out to be an adventure. He thought he might leave the part out where he got beat up though.

What Kael had learned just popped back in his head. “Well just before, you dragged me into a fight there I did learn how to get to Goya.”

Kael recounted what the old man had told him about the Ferry officials that kept the schedules for all the ferries coming in and going out.

“Well it’s getting dark.I don’t think the turtle fly at night, but we can at least try and find where to go for tomorrow.” Bannon said sensibly.

“Sounds good to me, which way takes us back to the main thoroughfare.”

Before long they were back on what was becoming the familiar cobblestone path.

“This path makes a big circle around the island right?” Bannon asked.

“I think so.” Kael replied.

“Then let’s head away from those thugs. I’m sure they are up and about now looking for some revenge.”
Kael only nodded, say no more, he didn’t want to get crushed again. Although now knowing that Bannon was beyond strong it made him even more glad with his choice to bring him along with him.

They walked and kept their eyes out for a Ferry official. Finally they found the raised pedestal that the older man had said Kael they stand on. The man looked very similar to the Ferry man that had taken them from their home island. He was thin tall and stood with a very straight back. He stared out over the pulsing river of poeple, but didn’t seem to notice. He just stood there like a statue.

“Excuse me sir, Could you please let us know when the next Ferry is going to Goya?”

The man looked down at Kael with a pinched expression. When he saw who had caught his attention he almost seemed to grimace.

Without a word he turned away from Kael. Kael almost said something about the rudeness but then noticed a pedestal behind him that held a huge leather bound ledger. The man was dragging his finger down the page eyes scanning quickly back and forth.

“The next ferry for Goya, leave tomorrow just after sunrise, at port 34.” The man had turned back and seemed to address no one. Not looking at Bannon or Kael, but straight ahead.

“Thank you,” Kael was wierded out by the man, but didn’t forget his pleasantries. The Ferry official didn’t respond he just returned to his staring over the crowed.

“Odd fellow,” Kael mumbled to himself.

“Let’s go find where port 34 is then we can find an inn for the night.” Kael yelled back to Bannon.

Bannon nodded in agreement. Kael took the lead. They were heading in there wrong direction. They had just past port 5 and then they went by 4. Kael figured it would all wrap back around and he really didn’t want to run into those fellows for round two. They might be looking to make up for earlier today. The numbers started back over from port 63. They were basically on the wrong side of the island. Thinking they mine as well just cut through the middle of the island, Kael took he first path that headed away from the edge.

“Where are we going?” Bannon asked from behind.

“Well the older couple I talked to said that the town center wasn’t as busy so I figured we could cut through here to the opposite side of the island. We should be close to port 34 over there. The sun was getting low in the sky so Kael picked up the pace. He didn’t want to be out after dark. They hadn’t brought any laterns which now in the darkening sky, he thought might have been a good idea. The familiarity of this island began when they started up a gently rising incline that got a little steeper the closer they got to the center of the island. However that was where the familiarity ended. The town was much larger here.

“Dirt streets turned to cobble as soon as they started hitting the first shops and houses. It certainly was not as busy as down by the docks, but nor was it quiet and calm. There was an energy of people moving and doing things even at this late hour. They had quite a few shops that were just full of knick packs and different things. Kael assumed that tourists must be one of their largest sources of income her. He had seen no livestock on the way into town, although the could’ve just been out of sight.

They passed a couple inns before Bannon spoke.

“I don’t think we will make it to port and back before dark. Maybe we can just stay at an inn here and It seems pretty simple I am sure we can find it tomorrow.”

“The man said at sunrise, you don’t think he meant right at sunrise do you? I mean how could people get there in time?”

“We’ll leave when it gets light enough to go, that’s all we can do.”
Kael nodded in agreement. They were just coming up on a place called the Fox and the Fork. The sign hanging out front had a picture of a fox sitting at dining table with a napkin around his neck, a fork in his hand and licking his lips. Odd name, Kael thought to himself.

“How about here?” He looked over to Bannon.

Bannon gave a small shake of the head, “Looks as good as any to me.”

They went inside and found a lively crowd inside. The floor was clean and the common room was well lit. Kael had a good feeling about this place. The owner greeted them almost as soon as they came in.

“Needing a room my boys, or just something to warm the belly.” This innkeeper was certainly used to people walking in with blank looks on their faces.

“We need a little of both to be honest.” Kael responded feeling quite at ease with the man. He was short round and balding, and everything about him seemed very inviting.

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