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After the bickering had finished, on Bannon’s part not Kael. He was halfway to his purse when the Innkeeper asked for what was due. Bannon nudged him however and played hardball. The Innkeeper didn’t seem that frustrated at the dickering of the price, more of a resigned look on his face. He must’ve got this a lot. It got to a point where finally Kael had to step in.

“That’s sounds great.” Bannon was in the middle of an inhale with his hand poised to make his point even better for him but was cut short, and in the split second that it registered what Kael had done he seemed to realize it was a good idea.

“Got lost in the game there, I did.” Bannon whispered over to Kael as the Innkeeper led them to a table in the middle of the common room to sit.

Kael just nodded in response. He had always hated to whisper about somebody, preferring to wait to talk about it at a better time or be sure to include the party they were whispering about.

“Could’ve drop of a sheckle or so though. I know I could’ve if you’d given me just a hair more time with him.”
A snort was the only response Kael gave this time.

Sitting down with a fresh bowl of steaming stew and listening to a man play some peculiar drums while sings in an undulating voice was all that Kael could’ve asked for. In reality not too much had been accomplished for the day except getting to the terminal island here which they had accomplished before lunch. After that the spicy food, mugging, and short nap were really not part of the plan in Kael’s head. Overall a success though he would say.

“What sickness do you think he has.” Bannon took Kael from his thoughts of the day.

Kael looked around for someone who was sick then looking back at Bannon’s mischievous grin and his head tilting towards the singer on stage. Kael barked a short laugh and said nothing.

He actually quite enjoyed the man, but Kael always felt it common curtesy to laugh when a joke was told unless completely obscene. What was the harm in making somebody feel good about there joke even it wasn’t that funny. To be honest though Kael didn’t do it for the other party. It was more of nervous thing he did so he would contradict people in anyway. To not laugh at a joke told directly told to you took courage or you had to know someone well. Kael weighed the options and figured a forced laugh was easier than just staring down a conversation partner who was obviously waiting for some reaction.

The rest of the meal was in silence. Kael and Bannon had really not said much to eachother all day with the exception of Bannon’s life story. That was quite an dump for Bannon to give.

Kael enjoyed the atmosphere of the common room. He loved the name of common room. It was fitting it was as if at that moment everybody there had something in common. They wanted food, and enterntianment. The candle glowed yellow and warm, the stew warmed the belly, and the music took away an worries about having to make conversation. People were satisfied to just sit in the atmosphere. That of course didn’t stop conversation. Kael couldn’t think of anything but to watch all those around him. Blips of others conversations floated to him across the room. Whoever was loudest or spoke while the performer was in between songs.

It was just what Kael enjoyed to do. Think about who these people were. Where they came from. What their stories were. Kael basically ignored Bannon, who could know what was running through his head. He was almost as much of a stranger in Kael’s mind as the rest today. Everything he had learned about him told him he had known nothing about the boy that he would have just yesterday assuredly have called his best friend.

Kael wasn’t mad in the least at Bannon, on the contrary he saw every reason for Bannon to keep the secrets that he has. It couldn’t help the hurt feeling though, nor the distance that he felt between them. It was odd not knowing someone you though you knew.

Although the more he thought on this the more he realized you could really hardly expect to know everything about someone, even his own father with whom he had worked in the same shop together for basically his whole life had this secret sword. Kael’s hand played on the hilt as he thought about the peculiarity of the situation. Why had his father had the sword. Was it a gift? Had he used it battle? Was he a hero out of one of Kael’s book’s? Kael felt a grin stretch across his face on that last one. A hero? His dad? That’s not the answer. The more important question is why in the world had Kael not asked more about it when he had the chance with his father.

Soon the night wore on and Kael felt the effects of a full stomach and eventful day behind him. “Let’s go find that Innkeeper and see if he can show us our room.”

Bannon looked away blearily from the musician. Kael doubted he was actually listening at that point his mind could’ve been anywhere. He just nodded and rose with Kael.

The room was small and had one bed. “You taking the floor?” Bannon asked Kael.

“Nah, that bed’s big enough for the two of us.” Kael said.

“You’re not going to goose me in the night are you?” Bannon looked sideways at Kael.

“Not once have a goosed you, I think you can consider yourself safe with me.”

Hmmph Bannon grunted but he realized it would be either him sleeping on the floor or they would sleep together.

He chose a combination. He tried sleeping in the slim bed until Kael kicked him loose. With no energy to even work up the anger to retaliate Bannon just stayed on the floor.

Kael woke up feeling quite rested. Except for that short period at the start of the night when Bannon had actually thought they could both sleep in the bed, Kael had slept wonderfully. Although he did arise early, surely out of the sheer excitement for the day. Nothing like sleeping in a foreign bed to give you a good nights sleep. Kael thought this to himself then giggled inwardly, this was the first time beside the occasional sleep over he would have back on the home island.

He kicked Bannon awake. Although after knowing what Bannon is he thought maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Then to rid himself of the idea that he should treat Bannon any different now that he knew his past, Kael gave him and extra nudge with his foot. This one had some juice behind it.

“I’m up.” No grogginess in the tone, from Bannon. He was rubbing his ribs. “You know I could through you and this bed through that wall into the next room if you would like me to.” He had a sour expression, but the talk of the elephant in the room actually eased the tension Kael had felt towards Bannon.

“I’d like to see you try.” Kael tore the sword free from it’s sheath and with his knees bent in a wide stance stared stone face at Bannon.

The silence and shock on Bannon’s face was too much. Kael’s serious mask crack and a grin escaped from underneath it. Soon the two of them were laughing at each other. Kael carefully put the sword back and lay it down on the bed.

“You ought to learn how to use that.” Bannon gestured to the sword once his last laughs had died off. “You need something after the way I saw you fend for yourself with those big bad bullies.”

Bannon’s tone had become patronizing at the end,

“I really should. I already got knocked out on our first day.” Kael ignored the jab.

“Well maybe that could be our first quest. To get you battle ready.”

“Only problem is, I don’t really want to use the thing. What am I going to get in another sticky situation and choose to cut there heads off. Yesterday shook me up, but I don’t know if I could live with myself after doing something like that.”
“Nah, that’s why you need practice. You don’t want to cut anyones head off especially your own, which is the most likely option at this point. Get some control and you can probably scare most thugs off. Nobody really has swords. They are almost like an artifact of time gone, when wars were more common.”
Kael nodded impressed at the rationality of Bannon’s words. His accent had even lessened there for a sec.

Bannon seemed to have noticed the same thing. “Let’s get eatin’” His accent returning heavier than ever.

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