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The breakfast was of a fare that Kael was much more accustomed to. It was funny how quickly he would want to revert back to things of his own island. It was as if with everything else in his life up in the air he needed something to hang on to.

“We best get going.” Kael was a notoriously fast eater, but today he the impetus to eat even faster. The ferry official had said at sunrise. The sky was already pink with the rising sun.

“Yeah, yeah.” Bannon was showing the best of his sour attitude this morning. This was not show, Kael knew he just really hated waking up.

In one swift movement Kael had swung his pack up onto his back and was staring impatiently at Bannon as he was sitting in the common room trying to finish his meal. With one last sigh Bannon put down his fork and with exagerated slowness began to get up.

“Come on man, we don’t want to miss it!” Kael as practically prodding him on.

“What’s the big rush, we could just catch the next one.”

That’s true Kael thought to himself. But he was already moving fast and he didn’t think a little rational thought like that would slow down his mood.

“Well I’m not looking to get into any more scuffles so if we could get out of here sooner than later that would be great.”

Bannon gave a hmph and went to the kitchen. What is he doing Kael thought but didn’t have the place of mind to say before the door swung shut behind his friend.

Getting bustled out by the chef Bannon was smiling and holding some dried fruits in his had. Gutsy Kael thought to himself. He would never in a place he had never been assume to go into the kitchen to ask for more food.

“Thought since my breakfast was so rushed I could have a little snack for the flight. Don’t want to get bored again anyways.”
“Ah don’t even act like you were bored on our last flight. I don’t even know if you blinked the entire time.”

“Ha guess you are right, I’ve got to get me a turtle man.” Bannon looked sheepishly but unashamed at Kael.

“Well Goya is your best bet for a turtle then. If you are lucky might get in with an turtle handler and work your way into owning one.” This was the innkeeper seeming to come from out of nowhere. Kael had to stop himself from jumping.

“That’s where we’re going actually.” Kael replied quickly.

“Well I tell you our business on this island has increased ten fold with all the new turtles. It used to be only the rich or the merchants that could hop islands. Now almost anyone can and even the price for turtles has dropped. Mind they aren’t cheap and it’s still a pretty big dream but,” The man looked Bannon and Kael up and down with an appraising eye, “ I think you boys might have what it takes to get you one.”
“We certainly will try.” Kael responded. Bannon just nodded. Kael had noticed that he rarely said much around strangers. Kael wouldn’t ever say he was shy or bashful, but he did seem to retract when someone he didn’t know was close by.

With a few more words just to be polite Kael had to insist they go so they wouldn’t miss their ferry to Goya. As any good innkeeper would do he gave them great directions to get to port 34.

The sun rose as they were still making there way from the island center to the cobblestone street that followed the coastline. They picked up their pace and soon hit the street and with a quick look up and down they saw which direction they needed to go. This early in the morning the street was not as busy as it had been midday but still it bustled with more people than Kael had seen before yesterday. They headed down the path that was marked with a big sign showing 34 and were received to see a turtle sitting in a opening similar to the one they had come in at. Each ferry point was a large clearing with well kept grass except the high traffic areas which were cobblestones. They also had a wood step contraption that could extend up higher for larger turtles and down lower for the small turtles. Around the clearing where trees. They were thick enough that you couldn’t see the next ferry point. Kael guessed they did this so people wouldn’t try to walk from ferry point to ferry point blocking up the landing and exit spots for the ferries.

Taking this all in and the excitement that they hadn’t missed their ride, Kael and Bannon were almost to the turtle before they stopped dead in their tracks. The passengers were all loaded and the Ferry man was waiting on them before he himself boarded. They had made it just in time, but even that couldn’t make them move. They stayed rooted to the spot. The ferry was absolutely massive. They hadn’t noticed because from afar there was nothing really to compare it to with the sky as a back drop. 30 people not including the ferry man were sitting in the saddle atop the turtle. The saddle itself was the size of the last turtle.

“If you want to come with us you better get a move on.” The ferryman didn’t seem irritated but merely stating a fact. Broken from the spell they were in Kael and Bannon looked at each other with absolute glee.

“We’re with you guys, hold on.” They began to approach again, but no matter how much they wanted to get on the turtle this would not override the fear they felt at seeing such a massive creature so close to them. They eyes were again black but they seemed to stare into the very souls of the two boys. They were balanced over a snoot that could’ve swallowed them both whole without chewing. Okay it may of had to chomp Kael in have to fit him in, but big none the less.

Seeing the uneasiness in Kael and Bannon’s eyes the Ferryman reassured them, “They are among the most gentle creatures God has sent us. I have yet to see one act violently outside of protecting one of their young.” Meant to be reassuring Kael was sure but he could just only think of what violent act this man had seen for the sake of it’s children. Scenes passed through his mind of the turtle as some mighty warrior. He kept moving forward, but a story began to unfold in his mind. A breeder who was cruel to the gentle giant. Until one day the breeder crossed the line and went after one of the little ones.

The momma turtle broke free and it was look of widening eyes in shock from the breeder that was satisfying.

“You’re going to have to pay, I know better than to dicker with ferryman.” Bannon broke Kael from his thoughts. Evidently the Ferryman had asked for payment.

“Oh yeah no problem, how much did you say it was again?” Kael tried to keep the blush from working up his face but the harder he tried the more impossible it became.

I should really stop reading so many books, Kael thought to himself. He was prone to these daydreams. Anything in his normal life could set him off in a different world or island. Now that they were seeing so many new things his mind was whirring and visions such as the momma turtle protecting the little ones would probably be just one of the many daydreams he would experience in the weeks to come.

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