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The flight was much like the last one. Except that it was not with just Bannon and Kael. Kael took the time to count and while there were only 32 passengers on the turtle not including the Ferryman, there were seats for up to 40. He was in disbelief at the size of it. He knew that turtle got large, they neverr stopped growing in fact, and nobody had seen a turtle that died of old age.

Kael’s shop was about the size of this saddle. He thought the next thing he needs to do when he gets back home is talk his dad into expanding the shop. He didn’t realize how much business they were missing out on.

The flight although the same as the last, was not in the least boring. In fact it may have been more enjoyable with all the people. Yes floating above the bottomless mist still made Kael’s heart flutter and seeing no islands in sight made him worry. But it was because of those things rather than despite those things that made Kael fall in love with flying. It was as if he could think of nothing else expect what was happening in just that moment. It was nice, to be in the moment he spent most of his time dreaming or worrying. That seems to be the case for most.

The flight did wear on a little bit longer than the last and he saw why they left in the morning time. No food was doled out although at about midday everyone else began pulling out lunches from their various travel bags. They all looked very similar to the packaging he had recieved his spicy fair in back at the terminal. The thick paper was all rolled up and he even notice that some of the peoples food had a little steam puff up when they unrolled the paper.

Kael nodded and grinned to himself. His stomach also noticed the food but was not so impressed with the fact that Kael had neglected to bring it a hot meal. Kael consoled himself with the thought that he could really handle another spicy meal anyway. Reaching into his pack he pulled out some dried meat and a tough cracker.

After knawing a bit on the cracker he thought that some spicy wouldn’t be all that bad. Although aware of the people around him the entire flight Kael began to take real notice of everyone else on the flight. Again he discovered this newfound love to watch strangers. Realizing what he was doing he tried to be more covert about it. It seemed like it could be taken rude to just stare at people. But everybody was just so different. It was like looking at a different stitched rug, like the artistic ones they had at the tiny inn on their home island. He used to stare at those rugs just imagining the workmanship that went into stitching the sceneries. There was very little man made art on his island. It was all mostly practical, although he did find the beauty in his practical leather working.

These people he saw were like super enhanced versions of the little art he saw. It was as if every person was so similar but yet so different and he wished he could just stare at them for as long as it took to see all the little details.

Sadly that seemed to be frowned upon in this society. He surely didn’t want to be stared at himself, but he felt if the people knew his innocent approach surely they wouldn’t mind. He had to satisfy himself with glances and looking out across the deep blue sky at some distant point over top the heads of those across from him. He did feel like he got caught a couple times but no one said anything. It’s like everybody wanted to look at eachother but knew it was against some unspoken rule.

“I simply can’t finish this meal, it’s really no good cold, would you mind finishing this off for me so I don’t have to through it over board.” Kael’s thoughts were cut short by a middle aged man with the weathered face of someone who had worked outside his whole life. His face was gentle and wrinkled. It resembled writing in the sand with his dark complexion. His eyes stood out, they were a light grey that seemed to catch your eyes and hold you fixated. Kael ripped his eyes away finally and looked down at the extended hand of the man holding a meal that looked suspiciously like the spicy food, Kael had the day before. He grinned though and put up his own hand.

“There’s no need for that, I’m fine with my jerky.” Kael hoped he hadn’t looked so sadly at his own fare that he caused this main to have pity for him.

“Honestly,” The man spoke, “I’m going to throw it overboard if you don’t eat it, I couldn’t fit another grain of rice.” He said the last while heartily slapping his belly as if it where bulging, but if anything Kael suspected it was rock hard from the manual labor he had obviously become accustomed to.

“Well if you are really done.” The smell of the food was intoxicating. Especially when you are doing nothing but sitting. You would think that you would be less hungry but instead Kael found that he couldn’t take his mind off of the food therefore, he was ravenous. The man’s fore-arm rippled with the stringy strength of a working mane. He was not a large man in fact his clothes seemed to hang on him in some ways but the fibers of the muscles themselves seemed to show through his tanned hide.

Taking the food from the man’s hand Kael brushed his hand against his a noticed it was much like toughing an old tough piece of leather. Not the soft leather you might use for a coin pouch but the sturdy rough stuff you would want your boots to be made of.

“Thank you so much!” Kael put as much conviction in the statement as possible. He never knew how to express gratitude properly, he never felt like a thank you was enough even for a shared meal. But I guess that was the point of giving, to give out more than you received back. A thank you didn’t even the scales, but if the scales where even it would be a transaction not a gift.

Turning to Bannon Kael handed it to him, “Here you go man I already stuffed myself with this jerky.

“Hey man thanks!” Bannon didn’t show near the reservations that Kael felt, but he did show a big grin and gratitude. “We can split if you would like.”

“That’s okay.” Kael was hungry but with the man watching it was as if he felt he had to give it forward is some way as quick as possible so the man could see he was a good person.

Turning back to the man, Kael gave him another thanks and expected that to be it. The weathered man had other ideas.

“So is Goya where you are stopping or you going to keep going.” He asked Kael.

“Well to be honest,” Kael began, “I’m not really sure. We just left from our home island yesterday, and Goya was our first stop planned.”

“You have business there?”
“Nah, we just thought it was time we saw the world, and I always wanted to see the world famous farm of the turtles. Have you been to Goya?”

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