Today – Part One

She walked in the room.

She flowed into the room.

She appeared in the room.

Kael couldn’t remember how she got in the room. She was there and that is all that matters. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was literally looking at a miracle. She was the woman of his dreams and she was here with him. He loved here beyond everything and the crazy, insane, completely unbelievable part was that she loved him back. She even claimed that she loved him more, HAH, as if that was possible.

Kael stood at just over six foot tall while Willow was a petite woman who always told her height as five foot two and a half. The half inch was important to no one else but her. With this is mind Kael knew that he loved her more, because his heart was so much bigger to pump blood throughout his body. Her heart must’ve been tiny, no way she could love him more!

Willow now stood staring back at Kael. This was not an awkward stare of young love but a knowing stare of a mature love, that had been cultivated through years of togetherness. Kael was reminded when he would’ve been embarrassed to stare at Willow this long.

She walked in the room.

She flowed into the room.

She was in the room, and Kael was past the point of caring how she came to be in this cafe with him.

He was often in this cafe and having a panini or some other european dish that was probably more american than most would like to admit. Kael was not always alone, but more often than not he did seem to be solo. He people watched because each and every individual in the world held some kind of appeal.

Kael wished from time to time that he could just stare at people without them noticing so he could take in every little aspect of each person. Instead he would look up from time to time and notice what people were doing. Or he would just let his eyes rove of the crowd inside the cafe.

Many beautiful women would catch his eyes and he would try his best to study them beyond anyone else. It was in his nature he supposed, being a single guy, to look for the one that would be “his one”. From a very early age the idea of a forever love always appealed to him. He was now in his early twenties and that forever love had eluded him so far.

He didn’t know what it was, but he could never form a relationship with a woman that he could see his forever with. Being a man of possibilities and an imagination of what could be, he was very impacted if he could see his forever with another.

He never would have guessed he would find his forever that very day in that very cafe that he had inhabited many times before.

When that woman came into the room it was not like something you would read from a book. She was not tall with bright red lipstick and high heels. She didn’t carry an overt sense of confidence, that forced men to her every whim. She would maybe seen as quite normal to anybody else in the cafe. Kael knew that everybody hadn’t just seen their forever.

She was on the short side and if anything she came across as a little unsure instead of confident. She made no effort to be seen in her attitude or dress. She was just living her life and didn’t feel the need to impress anybody.

Kael stared for a time longer than he knew to be prudent. He almost hoped to be caught by her. Then again though she didn’t seem to be one that would stare down a man looking at her from across the room. Instead if she had noticed him she may have continued to avert her eyes and hope that he stopped staring.

Immediately Kael knew that this staring would lead to nothing and he had to do… something. The next logical step would be to ask her on a date. This may have been logical but that did nothing for the butterflies in his stomach. He played through scenario after scenario of him going to her and being charming beyond belief.

She would of course swoon and he would take her and a date that would be like no other. He visualized this as she ordered, then as she stood waiting for her drink, then as she headed for the exit. Kael had not expected her to leave so quickly, who doesn’t sit down to enjoy what they had just ordered.

His mind whirred thinking of all the possibilities. He had to get outside and at least talk to her. He ran outside and she was already in the parking lot weaving through cars to find her own. He thought of how ridiculous it would be to yell out after her and run to catch her.

He was getting hot, it was as if the butterflies in his stomach were instead a boiling pot of water. Even the thought of doing something so daring made Kael sweat.

While he was having this internal struggle the woman got into her car like a huge battle was not occurring inside this very same parking lot.

Finally with reckless abandonment Kael realized that if he made a fool of himself that he would probably never see her again anyways so it was worth a shot. He sprinted after her car but only a few strides in realized that she would be gone before he got to her so he made a quick mental note of her car and bolted for his own.

Jumping in he pulled out quickly to tail her. The cafe was on a pretty busy street, but she only had two ways to go. He pulled forward to the curb and looked both ways to spot her car. It was no where to be seen. He continued to look until the car behind him honked for him to pull out.

Gone, just as quickly as she had walked into his life, she had drove right out of it. Then and there he made a promise that if ever he was overcome with the same sensation in that cafe he would not hesitate but instead act immediately so that at least he could say he tried.

Feeling defeated he began to make his way home not really knowing where else to go. Kael didn’t make it home however he made a detour to his favorite book store. It also had a cafe in it and he idly thought about the fact that his life seemed to be composed a lot of going from one cafe to the next with friends or alone. He skipped the cafe and went looking for a book that might catch his eye.

He had no real reason to be in the book store, but  Kael always loved being in a place with that many books and didn’t feel like going home yet anyways. Slowly he meandered through row after row. Sometimes picking up a book that caught him. He even made his way to a chair with a book a time or two. But he could not keep his mind on any book, the concentration seemed beyond him.

He was in a state of what some might call despair, he could see no way to ever meet this girl again. There was definitely something special about her and he blew his chance.

Just then he looked up and She was in his row. Kael again didn’t care how she got to the row, but there she stood a little stooped so she could look and the covers of the books on a lower shelf.

Disbelief battled with his excitement. If anything this seems to have solidified this mysterious feeling Kael had about this woman, it was the fact that she had appeared back in his life, so quickly.

Although he had just promised himself that he would act immediately in this kind of situation, he hesitated. He began to visualize how it would happen and the cycle began all over again. In fact she even made a move to leave this row of books. Possibly because there was a deranged looking fellow staring her down. As she straightened and turn Kael broke free from his imagination. He took half a step, stretched out his hand and from his mouth came a grunting noise. He supposed this is the noise you make when you have no idea what you are going to say but know you urgently need to say something.

She turned at this and looked politely back at him. Her face was carefully controlled, but Kael just knew that she was thinking all sorts of strange things about him.

“Uhm, Hello,” Kael made it look as if his outstretched hand was extended for a hand shake. He had to walk forward a few awkward steps so that she would be close enough to take his hand.

“Hey..” She said with a little laugh at the end to ease some of the weirdness of the situation. She took his hand and gave it a quick up and down shake then put her hands in her jacket pocket.

Kael realized that it was his turn to speak and the silence had stretched far too long for anyone’s comfort.

“My name is Kael, I actually saw you at that cafe just down the street from here.”

“I’m Willow.” She said this with a grin and a nod and after another moment of silence she gave another nervous giggle. Kael was now racking his brain for what to say next.

“Would you like to get a drink?” He asked with a vague gesture towards the bookstore’s cafe.

She raised her cup with a shrug of her shoulders and said, “I actually already got one thank.” Everything was said with a smile and a nervous giggle attached, as if trying to comfort Kael.

“Oh right…” Kael again tried to think of anything to say and then it just came out. “Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight.”

Her smile did not vanish but it definitely faltered as if she was still smiling without realizing it. She stared for a moment at Kael and he could work up no other words. He was however kicking himself mentally for how horribly this whole interaction had gone.

“Well I’m actually pretty busy tonight-” She began

“I totally understand,” Kael cut in when her heard this to save her from having to make some excuse. “I just want you to know that I am not usually this weird and awkward. I just… well I just feel like maybe you we could be..” Kael didn’t really know how to finish that thought and left it in a more awkward spot than when he had started.

“I was going to say I am busy tonight, but that maybe we could have lunch tomorrow.” Kael looked up from the study of his shoes to see her grinning face. He grinned right back.

“Perfect. That sounds great!” He began to walk away feeling confident, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Shouldn’t you get my number?” She called after him.

“Oh yes, of course” he hurried back feeling a little sheepish.

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